Using OPI and Bio-Sculpture for a range of hand, foot and nail care treatments. There is a wide range of nail colours for applying at the end of treatment and to buy to take home with you. Nail art is available.

Manicure £18.00
Luxury Manicure £22.00
Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment £22.00
Pedicure £24.50
Luxury Pedicure £29.00
Paraffin Wax Foot Treatment £31.00
Revarnish- hands £9.00
Revarnish - feet £9.00


A nail treatment that is applied to enhance the natural nail without adding any length. The Bio-Sculpture gel dries instantly with a colour, French or natural finish. This long wearing and chip proof treatment can also be applied to the feet. If you are having your Bio-Sculpture gel overlays soaked off and reapplied we don't charge to soak them off.

Full set of gel overlays (clear, French or colour) £34.00
Pedicure and gel overlays £44.00
Soak off (Bio-Sculpture gel only) £11.00


A flexible film that is applied to the nail that won’t chip or smudge and requires no drying time.

Hands £21.00
Hands with manicure £32.00
Feet £26.00
Feet with pedicure £42.00